Human beings have a lot of bad habits, but one that we all have in common is to flush after each pee.

It's never pleasant to enter the bathroom and come face-to-face with another person's urine, but if we exclude the 'aesthetic' side of things, it is recommended to skip a few days before flushing the toilet.

In the list below you will see six reasons why you should think twice before wasting this precious water.

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Now, let's move on to serious things:

1. You waste a lot of money

Conventional toilets utilize more than three gallons of water per day. That's a LOT! By skipping a few days, you will see a big difference on your next water bill. If your budget is a little too tight, look no further to save some money.

2. Your sleep can be disrupted

This may seem strange, but how many times you woke up at night because you heard another member of your family flushing the toilet? It is not very pleasant when this happens.

3. It's bad for the environment

Obviously, this is the most popular argument. Drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce nowadays so we should begin to save it more. Imagine the amount of water wasted every day because of a simple yellowish liquid.

4. Flushing affects the temperature of the water

We have all experienced this at least once in our lives. We enjoy a good hot shower when suddenly, the water becomes cold before then boiling hot! Although plumbing systems today make sure this problem does not happen anymore.

5. In reality, urine is very clean

If your argument to justify the fact that you are flushing after each pee is that urine is a disgusting matter, that's not entirely correct. Urine is actually cleaner than your saliva! In short, leaving your urine in the toilet will not hurt anyone.

6. Pulling the chain spreads germs

This theory seems a bit ridiculous, but it is still logical when we take a few seconds to think about it. The swirl created when we flush makes the germs spread all over, so your bowl becomes messy. By not flushing, the germs remain in the water.