On Christmas Eve, a family of Muslims made the decision to eat at a the Olive Garden restaurant in Augusta, Georgia.

They did not suspect that a huge surprise awaited them at the end of the meal. Eslam Mohamed was the person designated to pay for the meal and when he received the bill, he literally fell on his back.

It was indicated on the piece of paper that everything was already paid with a note saying: "Merry Christmas to your beautiful family."

Touched by the gesture, the man immediately shared the photo of the piece of paper on the social networks in order to thank the mystery person who decided that the family would eat free that night.

In addition, he took the trouble to wish Merry Christmas to this person.

This gesture left the family speechless and the photo literally ignited the web.

Do not hesitate to share this beautiful gesture in great numbers to prove that despite the conflicts in the world, there is always a beautiful place for such generous gestures.