Nancy lived in perfect happiness in a quiet neighborhood with her husband, but her life took a rather dramatic turn when a tragic event occurred in her personal life.

Her husband wanted to lose weight drastically and heard about an operation called gastric bypass.

This operation aims to reduce the size of the stomach so that naturally, the man would have much less appetite.

He believed the operation would change his life and give him a new start, but it led him to the morgue.

In the middle of the operation, the doctors realized that a blood clot was forming and this led to a pulmonary embolism.

Nancy was shocked when she heard the news, but the lady was not at the end of her troubles. A week later, the doctors reported the death of her husband.

To pass through this heavy ordeal, Nancy began to eat compulsively and she saw her weight increase by 30 kilos.

However, she finally realized that she is taking the same route as her late husband and decided to take control.

Thanks to a very rigorous diet, she managed to lose almost all the pounds she had put on after the death of her husband.

On the other hand, a loss of weight as enormous and as fast can have its share of negative consequences. She had a large amount of superfluous skin and wanted to get rid of it.

Doctor Anthony Young would operate on Nancy, but he discovered the depth of the folds of fat had caused infections.

He decided to operate on her for free, and even thought Nancy is aware that there are chances that she will have the same fate as her husband, she wanted to take the chance to feel much better about herself.

The medical team were very aware that the task will not be easy and that the amount of skin to remove is 10 times larger than a normal operation.

Dr Young even admitted that this operation made him nervous, but remained very confident to do an excellent job.

The day finally arrived and Nancy entered the operating room feeling positive, wholeheartedly hoping she can get a fresh start as a result of the operation.

Dr Young went to work on his patient and removed 9 KILOS of superfluous skin.

You can see the operation in the video below.

When she woke up after the operation, she was shocked and immediately started to cry.

Never would she have thought that she would find almost the same figure as that of the time when her husband was still alive.

The difference is absolutely incredible:

Today, Nancy can flourish in a body of which she is proud.

It's difficult not to feel happy for the woman who had to go through this horrible ordeal.