Christina Briggs does not really lead the life she would have wished.

The mother-of-two on benefits eats a lot of junk food and asked the government to pay her more money so she could change her eating habits.

She claims that with the £20,000 she receives every year she is not able to afford anything other than fast food - which is obviously completely absurd.

Christina feels that if she is more financially comfortable she could enroll in the gym and would like to buy healthier foods.

The 26-year-old tried to take up swimming, but since it cost £22 a month, she had to cut out pizza and Chinese take aways, which did not make her happy.

Christina left school very young and got pregnant during her teenage years.

Today she is the mother of two children with two different fathers and only feeds them to ready-to-go dishes, chocolate and crisps on the pretext that she can not offer them better because of the 'low' amount of money she receives from the government.

Social media users can't believe this woman is serious and also have great difficulty in believing that she is not able to live with a salary of £20,000 while other families survive very well with such an amount.