The life of Gemma Swift took a very dramatic turn when she was victim of a car accident at the age of 6.

This accident caused significant damage to her jaw, to the point where it was impossible to hide this physical defect.

As a result of this significant change, the poor girl was bullied throughout her childhood, and in 2015 Gemma went on the Jeremy Kyle Show to confront a woman who had been very hard on her.

The girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend took great pleasure in belittling Gemma and insulting her about her physical appearance.

She was then heavily bullied by online trolls after making the appearance on TV.

To get this woman out of such misery, the show offered her £10,000 so she could fix her teeth.

The brand new Gemma then returned to show the result of this important transformation.

Check out what she looks like now!

Image Credit: ITV