When an item of clothing is washed several times, it's normal that it loses it's colour and fades.

Although this is quite normal, due to general wear and tear, it's still sad to see our clothes deteriorate in this way.

However, there are many tricks out there to help preserve your clothes and the ingredients you need are already in your cupboard at home.

It's not easy to keep your clothes looking so vibrant after several washes, but trying the little tricks below could actually help to do that.

1. Adding pepper

When we wash our clothes, the fine particles of laundry remain embedded in the fibers of the fabric and the color of the garment will be affected. To correct this, add a teaspoon of black pepper directly into the drum and wash at the lowest possible temperature. The pepper will remove the remaining traces of laundry on your clothing.

2. Adding salt

Salt is also another option. Adding 90g of salt have the same effect as pepper and keep the colours of your clothing intact.

3. Adding vinegar

In addition to playing the same role as salt and pepper, a cup of white vinegar in your machine can also soften clothes. The smell of vinegar will not persist as it disappears during the wash.

4. Adding lemon

If you really don't trust vinegar and you don't want to try that method, then lemon can also help you out. Add a little lemon oil to your machine.

5. Adding coffee

Use only coffee on black clothes. Pour two cups of coffee and/or black tea directly into the drum and admire the results.

If any of these methods work for you then be sure to share with your friends.