In life, there are things that just do not happen and what you are about to read is definitely one.

A jihadi named Abu Nimr al-Suri made a rather distressing request to his 7-year-old daughter when he ordered her to blow herself up in public.

However, karma caught up with him and he also lost his life.

According to reports, the man was targeted in shootings by unidentified individuals who reside in the suburbs of the capital of Syria.

In the video below, he is seen brainwashing his two daughters and explaining to them how to carry a bomb.

Some people reported that the man was involved in the abduction and murder of the Syrian actor, Mohamad Rafea, five years ago.

Unfortunately, many Islamists still believe in the promises of the Qur'an and the main argument for convincing a person to make such a horrible gesture is to tell him that 72 virgins are waiting impatiently for him in paradise.

The actions of the man shocked the world and the majority were happy to hear that he had been killed.