Cassie Hodge was living a happy life with her husband and three children when a sad event rocked her life.

One day, her husband Mark decided to cook a soup using the electric pressure cooker as he does so often.

He prepared the food then left the pressure cooker to do its job while he went to relax.

Moments later, Cassie went to check if the soup is ready and called her Mark to come and eat.

As she waited in the kitchen, she puts the three-month-old baby she was carrying in her arms on the sofa in the living room and asks the other two children look after it while they prepare the table.

However, when Cassie went to remove the lid from the pressure cooker, it shot up in the air due to the pressure and the contents spilled over her.

She let out a blood-curling scream and ran straight to the bathroom, took of her shirt and tried to get under cold water.

Her husband was also hit by the splash from the cooker and was burned near his stomach.

Cassie suffered burns to her arms, chest and stomach. The couple immediately called an ambulance.

The doctors gave them both painkillers and told them they needed to stay in hospital for a few days.

Friends volunteered to take care of the children during their absence.

The mother could not help but think that if the pressure cooker had 'exploded' a few seconds earlier, the three-month-old baby would also have been severely burned.