Zoos are places of a mixed opinion among people in general.

Many adore the concept that they can go and be entertained by the animals, while others find it unfair that animals are denied their freedom.

That said, the Khan Younes Zoo in Gaza will certainly not convince people who do not like zoos to change their mind.

The zoo did not have the means to maintain all their residents, and as a result, more than 200 animals lost their lives.

To be exact, only 15 out of 250 animals have been saved.

In addition to not being able to meet the needs of the animals, it should be noted that the vast majority of animals were illegally imported.

These photos will show you what the zoo looks like today.

However, we must warn you that the images are distressing and very difficult to look at.

The owners made the decision to stuff the animals that died and leave them in their cages.

Obviously, the atmosphere in the zoo is absolutely horrible. It is practically a ghost village, but for animals.

There are no words to describe how outrageous this situation is.

Of the 15 animals still alive, the owners does not believe that they will survive in the long term.

The guards are doing everything possible to attract the attention of the population, to try and save the animals still alive.

In fact, the Four Paws association created a page where people can make donations to help these animals.