The scene you will see in a few moments looks like something out of a horror movie, and believe me, it will freak you out.

During a music festival in Brazil, a woman was filmed by another member of the audience and we can clearly see that she is not on the same planet as the others.

Her absent gaze is so disturbing and the way she moves does not really make you want to get close to her. We don't know what substance she has taken, but she is completely delirious.

However, the scene is not limited to seeing a woman who appears to be mentally absent, as a few seconds later she loses her balance and falls to the ground.

Nobody seems bothered about her state as she begins to act strangely on the ground, and when she got back to her feet there was blood coming from her mouth.

She was literally eating her own tongue!

Others finally realise something is wrong and help her up.