Before you read this overwhelming story, I ask you to keep some handkerchiefs near you since you will certainly shed a tear.

Jeanne Thompson taught in a neighborhood primary school and from the beginning of the school year she noticed that there was one student different from the others. His name is Teddy Stoddard.

In the first few months, the teacher kept a note of the students' performance, and in the case of Teddy, he always got an "F", which broke Jeanne's heart.

Curious, she decided to consult her file to see if there was a problem in particular. It is at this moment that she makes amazing discovery. She noticed that the more time went by, the more negative the comments about Teddy were.

At the beginning, a professor had written that Teddy was a young boy very appreciated by his classmates and that he was very nice. In addition, he always did his homework and took his studies seriously.

The following year, the same comments came back, but with a downside. The teacher in question noticed that the illness of his mother affected him very much.

A little later in the year, another message was in his file. The teacher noted that the boy sometimes fell asleep during classes and seemed totally disinterested. He did not have many friends and the risks that he would become a difficult child were high.

Finally, the third year cleared up many things. The teacher records that the child was working hard despite the death of his mother. Unfortunately, his father does not seem to really care about him so his family situation could harm Teddy tremendously.

Jeanne felt powerless in this situation.

When Christmas was fast approaching, all the children placed a gift on Jeanne's table. In the case of Teddy, his gift was badly wrapped in brown paper. When the young woman unpacks it, she sees a bracelet with a half empty bottle of perfume. The other children immediately laughed, but Jeanne decided to try the perfume.

She closes her eyes before vaporizing on her wrists. As she opened her eyes, Teddy stood in front of her and said: "Mrs. Thompson, you now have the same smell as my mum."

The teacher did all she could to restrain her tears to the sound of the bell. From that moment she paid more attention to the young man and encouraged him in everything he did to bring a small dose of positivism into his very difficult life.

Fortunately, the tactic worked because his grades gradually improved.

A year later, the young man slides a note under the door of the class of Mrs. Thompson to tell her that she was his favourite teacher in primary school.

Six years later, he put another note under her door to say that he graduated. Four years later, he leaves another to indicate that he has passed his baccalaureate.

He leaves another note six years later, with an important request. He announces that he is going to marry and that as his father died, and wants the teacher to be present as a member of the family. Without hesitation, she accepted the invitation.

On the wedding day she even bothered to wear the bracelet the young man had given him when he was in primary school.

This is proof that with a little love, you never know what children can become.

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