There is nothing more frustrating for a woman than to see her man have erectile problems.

Obviously, these things happen and its difficult to blame your boyfriend - but it remains very distressing.

These problems occur mostly due to age, but they can also occur due to poor diet.

Fortunately, there are some simple tricks that can give help your man 'up'.

These 8 tricks could completely revolutionize your intimate moments with your partner!

1. Beef is rich in L-Arginine, an amino acid that facilitates erections in humans. It is therefore favourable for man to consume it.

2. Do not neglect seafoods. They are rich in zinc and this material also helps to gain an erection.

3. Vitamins in nuts, sesame seeds, pistachios and peanuts help greatly improve performance in bed.

4. Try giving your man a turnip and honey combination. This is a good remedy to combat impotence.

5. Although garlic and onion do not give good breath, they are still two natural aphrodisiacs. Combining the two could stimulate desire in your man.

6. Vitamins C and potassium are excellent for spermatogenesis. That being said, your man should include oranges, lemons and bananas in his diet.

7. Cottage cheese is another good option since it contains dopamine. This stimulates the libido.

8. Finally, cumin strongly stimulates desire and it warms the body. Sprinkle your man's meals with this spice.

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