The story of this mother is both hilarious and disgusting - but she still shared it on social media.

When she arrived home it was totally silent in the house. She takes the time to unpack her suitcase and when she finally enters the bathroom, she smells a lemony scent and wonders where it came from.

Then she sees a bowl of cereal that was near the sink and inside of it there was a piece of soap.

It was this object which emitted the smell which the mother loved so much, but didn't remember having bought this kind of soap.

The soap looked old, dry and cracked, but it smelled so good.

She washed her face and hands several times with it, but still wondered where the soap came from.

The next day, she meets her little girl in the bathroom which also smells of the soap. She even tells her mother that this is her favourite.

Then the mother finally asks the question: "Where did you find that soap? It smells so good!"

Her daughter replied: "It's Meeny who found it in the boys' toilet at Taekwondo!"

It was at this moment that her heart stopped. She now understood where it came from - she had washed her face and hands with a already used urinal cake!

She threw it straight in the trash, which the little girl wasn't happy with.

The mother then revealed that she had only two thoughts in her head - burn the whole house down or drink alcohol to forget the disgusting story.

Finally, she opted for the least complicated option, a good glass of wine!

All adults will agree that children offer genuine gifts, but sometimes they turn out to be very strange indeed.

In short, we can bet she will remember this story for the rest of her days!