You've probably already noticed a small pocket hidden inside women's underclothes and we have finally found the meaning to this intriguing lining.

You have no doubt tried to find out the meaning without getting the right answer.

Is it used to hide tampons? Is it an opening to slide in a small sanitary napkin?

Here's is the answer:

This small pouch is very important since it is actually a double thickness which allows to preserve the hygiene of the genital parts of the woman.

This Is What That Intriguing Pocket Is For Inside Women's Panties - 1

A lot of bacteria forms in this area of the body and underwear that is made of synthetic fabric does not protect the vaginal flora.

Lingerie does not include this second seam since it does not have to be worn for several hours and men do not have this small compartment since they do not need it for protection.

One should never take their health lightly and some clothing companies are able to find ways to help their products protect you.

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