Anne de Paula is a Brazilian model who has focused attention on social networks for quite a reason.

The 22-year-old won the Models Search contest organized by the famous magazine, Sports Illustrated, and this guaranteed her an appearance in a publication of next year's edition.

However, there is something wrong with Anne's pictures. Can you identify what it is?

First, take a look at one of her photos:

If you haven't found it, here is the answer...

She is not wearing a swimsuit - it is drawn directly onto the young woman's body.

You have to admit that the people who drew the swimsuit on her body are very talented indeed, since it's difficult to notice by just looking at the pictures.

Anne wanted to be a gynecologist at first, but she hopes these pictures will propel her into the world of modelling.

She's been practicing this since she was 14, but is still waiting for her the big break in her career.

Source: Mail Online