The internet's favourite dermatologist is back with a new video that's her without doubt her 'biggest' yet.

Sandra Lee, aka Dr Pimple Popper, removes a giant lump the size of a bowling ball from a patient's back in her latest and most gruesome YouTube offering.

Lee wasn't completely satisfied with the procedure, despite the fact it was easily the biggest one she's dealt with so far.

The YouTube caption reads: "Initially I thought it maybe, just maybe, would pop out almost whole. But it wasn't meant to be - too many fibrous connections keeping it attached to him."

She tries her best to get the lipoma - a fatty lump that forms between the skin and underlying muscle layer - in one smooth motion, but it was nowhere near as easy as she'd hoped.

Once she finally got it all out, she stitched up her patient to seal the huge wound that was left.

You can watch the video below.