The dream of anyone who becomes independent and begins to live alone is to be able to do what they want.

But there comes a point where things become too untidy and it is at that time that most people need to get to work and clean up.

This is not the case of Brittani Cooper, a 19-year-old student from Bristol University, who won the contest of the most messy and dirtiest apartment.

Let's say that it is not a prize that we want to boast about to our friends...

We are sure that you will feel like the cleanest person in the world when you see the pictures.

Incredibly, her father was the one who encouraged her to participate in the contest by, after seeing the state of his daughter's apartment.

She decided to participate and sent in the photos of her apartment.

Out of 982 participants, she won the contest.

To start with, the condition of the place is horrible, there is not even a place to eat:

Look at the kitchen a little closer, it's really unpleasant:

I seriously hope your children will be more responsible than this young woman.

Source: Buzzy Social