Almost 70 years have passed since the famous incident in Roswell, when the public began to believe that extraterrestrial beings were visiting our planet.

It was also the first time that people really began to suspect that their government was not totally honest with them about extraterrestrial life.

Before Roswell, people were happy to think that extraterrestrials were only the subject of science fiction.

When a man from the countryside described what he discovered to the authorities, Roswell was permanently tied to the subject of UFOs and concealments, creating an industry that attracted tourists.

However, proving these incidents was somewhat problematic - and if you are looking for videos of this type, you will not find them easily.

In fact, all the material evidence surrounding Roswell has been falsely proved clearly within the framework of the concealment that the government itself wants to make.

It's a secret, but we'll show you 6 interesting evidences: