This woman living in North Carolina should have thought twice before publishing this photo on social media.

Natasha Kirkland found herself behind bars just hours after this image was made public on the web.

The future mother only wanted to show the progress of her pregnancy to her friends and family, but in the end, two details prompted some people who saw the photo to call them authorities.

First of all, here is the photo that created a huge buzz on social networks:

A Pregnant Woman Published This Picture On Facebook. A Few Hours Later, She Was Arrested By Police - 1

Here are the two details that came straight to the attention of people who saw it:

1. On the small table to the left of the picture, we can see that there is a spoon and a syringe used to inject heroin.

2. We can see that the lady is wearing an elastic on her arm, indicating that she has just injected this drug into her body or that she is about to do so.

The woman was severely criticised by users, and with good reason.

Hopefully the baby will not have complications at birth because of this mother.

Source: Starcasm