Normally, when we go to the bathroom, we do our duty without paying too much attention to what falls into the bowl.

However, many do not notice what they left in the toilet, but a simple glance could save your life or at least reveal if you are in good health.

It may sound a bit odd, but your faeces can tell you a lot about your health.

You will see descriptions of the textures, colors and odours below, and what they represent or tell you about your body:

Separated, like walnuts

This is because you lack fibre and liquids. It is recommended to drink more water and eat fruits and vegetables.

Cabbage sausage

It is a sign that you are healthy.

No solid parts, everything is liquid

This is a case of diarrhea probably caused by some sort of infection. It is recommended to drink more to replace the lost fluids, otherwise you will be dehydrated.

In the form of packages

This is not serious, but you must consume more liquid and fibre.

Sausage-shaped, but with cracks in the surface

Well, that's normal, but the cracks indicate that you should increase your water intake.

Soft and sticky on the side of the toilet bowl

Your body does not absorb fat properly, due to excess oil.

A Quick Look In Your Toilet Could Literally Save Your Life. - 1


If your faeces is brown, it is because of the bile produced in the liver.


Maybe you've eaten a lot of green leafy vegetables or green dyes. Food might have gone through your large intestine too quickly.


This type of excrement indicates excess fat. This is due to a disorder of malabsorption such as celiac disease.


This means that the person bleeds inside because of an ulcer or cancer.

Although this may also be caused by certain vitamins that contain iron or flat-subsalicylate. You should consult a doctor better to get the facts.

Light, white or clay colour

This could mean blocking the bile duct. This can be caused by medication. You should see a doctor.

With blood or red spots

If you see blood in your stool, this can be a symptom of cancer.

Although this may also be other very common things, such as hemorrhoids or even an injury to the same size of excrement (even if it sounds crazy, it can happen). If this happens too often, consult your doctor.

Source: Ournaturalremedies