What we are going to show you is something that happens to many men today - they do not always realize what their wife does for them.

There is no doubt that a woman's work is twice as difficult if she also has to take care of domestic things, especially with children.

This letter written by a man went viral online and we can truly see the lesson he learned.

Gentlemen, if there is anything you need to understand its that if you leave your wife for a younger woman, this younger woman will eventually make you feel older.

If you begin a relationship with deceit and infidelity, you will end up being hurt.

You can read the letter he wrote below:

"Life can take a thousand directions. A year ago, I separated from my wife, I left her to be with another that I thought was more attractive."

"My ex-wife was fat, she was flabby, her skin was full of cellulite and stretch marks, she did not take care of herself, she was not combing her hair, she was not wearing makeup - not even a little lipstick."

"Her nails were not trimmed, she did not wear a bra and she had an unattractive chest. I no longer felt attracted to her, she didn't catch my attention, only the memory of the exuberant woman I once knew."

"Today, exactly one year after I left, I met the woman who was my wife."

"She was beautiful and radiant. Her hair fell on her shoulders, a radiant red underlined her beautiful fleshy lips and she wore a dress that was detached from her waist, seemed to have been made exclusively for her. It was not like the body of a mother of three beautiful children, my children."

"Now, I remember that those extra pounds were due to the pregnancy of our last child. The flabby stomach was because she was recovering from the enormous belly where she carried for nine months the best gifts that life has given me. Cellulite was because she gave up the gym to stay at home taking care of our children, she did not always have time to comb her hair."

"Her chest was no longer really attractive, but she was proud to have breastfed her children for up to two years. She did not wear a bra because it was easier to feed them that way. And yet, after all the rush of the cooking, ironing and cleaning, she smiled and looked happy with her family, for there was nothing more perfect."

"Today I tell you, I know I had a real woman at home, I let her go. I ruined everything, I lost that woman. I foolishly changed real beauty for a facade of beauty, but I learned the lesson, I lacked understanding and appreciation, knowing how to recognize the value of being a housewife."

"Now she is with the youngest of my children. Benjamin is barely a year old. The other two are already bigger and do not consume so much time. Now she can take care of herself and she knows her worth."

"She deserves to be loved, because a real woman does not always have perfect body parts, but she always has character."

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