Some of you may have seen a policeman touch the rear headlights of a vehicle after stopping the driver.

Rest assured, you are not in danger if this happens to you, unless of you have done something seriously wrong that is!

This is an old technique to identify a vehicle.

By placing a finger on the rear light, this allows the policeman to leave his fingerprints on the car.

So, if the driver decides to flee or attack the police officer, it is easier to identify the vehicle later.

If A Policeman Stops You And Touches The Rear Lights Of You Car, Don't Panic. Here Is What It Means. - 1

The technique is much less common due to modern technology, but some experienced police officers still use this good old method.

However, some believe that this method could put the police officer in danger, since the potential criminal can know exactly where the police officer is and take advantage of the situation.

Source: Share Bears