We know that male and female reproductive organs have always been taboo.

But there is no real reason to be ashamed, for it is part of the nature of man.

That's why we'll tell you 8 things you probably did not know about the male member.

1. The foreskin is used to create more human skin

Although this seems like a lie, doctors have used the foreskin skin of circumcised children to perform skin grafts in people suffering severe burns.

2. The male member does not need the brain to function

When a man 'completes' the work, his climax is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system which is almost always independent of the brain and that is why sometimes you may think that your it has a life of its own.

3. Smoking affects its size

Smoking causes an erection of 1cm shorter than it should in addition to the risk of cancer you run while smoking.

4. There are two types

There are those who increase in size with an erection to 6 or 10 times its normal size and there are the others who, when in 'resting' state, seem to already have a fairly impressive member.

But when the latter have an erection, the increase in size is not remarkable. 79% of men are of the first type.

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5. There are male member transplants

It is quite simple: the dead donor's member is transplanted into the other body. There is also another type of intervention called "phalloplasty" which involves the reconstruction of the limb for aesthetic purposes.

Check Out These 8 Extremely Surprising Facts About The Male 'Member' - 2

6. A male orgasm lasts between 6 and 15 seconds

Female orgasm lasts 4 times longer than the male and the duration of intimate relationships on average is 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

7. It is possible to have oral relations with oneself

This requires a lot of flexibility, but 1 in 400 men can do it.

8. Size is important

As far as fertility is concerned, the larger the member, the more seed will be produced and the chances of fertilization will increase. But if we talk about pleasure, it is a question of taste.

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