If you were asked to name a part of the body that is often very dirty, your answer would probably be the posterior.

Most people consider this part to be the dirtiest part of the body due to contact with fecal matter.

However, a scientist at the Harvard School of Dentistry discovered that there are more than 615 different types of bacteria that end up in the mouth, tongue and any other part making them dirtier.

Here is a list of the 9 dirtiest parts of the body.

You might be surprised!

1. The mouth

This could be shocking to you to know that your mouth is the dirtiest part of your body. The mouth is proven to be the host of 600 different types of bacteria. So we hope you intend to clean your mouth properly.

2. The armpits

Your armpits have a collection of over 80,000 bacteria and that's why they stink. Deodorants and perfumes are not enough to keep bacteria away. It's your job to clean them daily with a good antibacterial soap.

3. The ears

Wax provides lubrication to the ear canal and protects against various bacteria, insects and water. But because of this wax, the ear is one of the dirtiest parts of the body. Failure to clean them can lead to fungal infections.

4. The tongue

In addition to the mouth, the tongue is also a house of bacteria that sticks to it. The tongue changes color due to bacteria. So, whenever you clean your mouth, be sure to clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner.

5. The nails

If you like long nails then you should know that the skin under the nails possesses the most deadly bacteria that could lead you to death if they are not properly cleaned.

This is why it is always recommended to clean hands and nails before eating and making food. These bacteria can be very harmful, so beware.

6. The head

The itch in your head is not only caused by dandruff itself, it is mixed with bacteria that makes your head another dirty part of the body. Wash your hair regularly to avoid these bacteria from eating your scalp.

7. The navel

Yes, your navel is also a part of this list. It might seem clean, but could serve as a refuge for invisible bacteria. If you do not clean your navel, a naval stone can form in your abdomen that could turn into a tumour.

8. The posterior

We don't need to discuss this further because we know that a lot of bacteria is found in this area. The posterior is the dirtiest parts of the body - unless you clean it properly.

9. The nostrils

It's hard to see the dirt in your nose, but it's still surrounded by many negligible bacteria. You should also draw attention to cleaning this part.

Source: CM