Ankle bracelets are a must-have fashion accessory for some women. Having one on your ankle adds a touch of glamor to your feet. However, many people do not know that this specific piece of jewelry indicates a certain type of social status.

The symbolism behind these bracelets will surely make you think twice before wearing them!

In ancient Egypt, each woman wore ankle bracelets to easily identify their social status. Rich women decorated their feet with gold bracelets, while the not so rich females wore silver or iron bracelets. Other historical references also claim that the worshipers of Baal forced prostitutes to wear ankle bracelets in order to easily identify them as such.


Today, most Egyptian women no longer wear these bracelets because their Islamic religion forbids them to do so. However, dancers from their culture always manage to wear them with tiny bells during their performance.


In the 1970s, women who were part of the so-called "sexual revolution" were also seen a lot wearing this type of ankle jewelry.

Over time, its meaning has changed from one thing to another. In fact, ankle bracelets are widely recognized as a symbol to distinguish married women from unmarried women.


The term "hotwife" has been used for a long time by married women to describe themselves as open to sexual relationships and encounters with men other than their husband.

In order to make the hotwife status more specific and more obvious, women have added small details like the ankle bracelet to indicate their preference without it being necessary to ask them.


Two male symbols and one female symbol mean that the married woman has an open relationship with another man. A letter Q and a spade symbol usually mean that the hotwife prefers black men. The heart symbols mean that the woman is committed to her husband, but she is still free to meet other men with mutual benefits.


Finally, the symbol of a heart and a key means that the husband can't pleasure in his own wife.


You will definitely think twice before wearing an ankle bracelet!

Source: Elite Readers