Audrey had been a single mother for three years and suddenly she did not feel very well. The doctor suggested that she go to the hospital for testing. She asked her neighbors that she barely knew if they could take care of her children for the night.

Even if she didn't really have the space in her house, Tisha, agreed to help her. She had to take care of her own children, but she was ready to take up the challenge.

After an anxious wait, Audrey's results came in. The news was bad and she was diagnosed with stage two esophagus and stomach cancer and, unfortunately, she was advised she was terminally ill.


Audrey knew her time was running out, but she was ready to fight before it was too late and she also wanted to make sure her children were okay.


Audrey and Tisha were not close friends. Busy work lives and 8 children prevented them from knowing each other well.

Regardless, Audrey took a chance and asked if Tisha could take care of her three children. Surprisingly, Kevin and Tisha agreed to open the doors of their home to the children of their ill neighbour.

They wanted to help, they wanted to do whatever they could to relieve the pain that the children would suffer. The death of their mother became more and more real.

Audrey thought she would be alive for awhile, but before she knew it, she passed away.

Below is a highly emotive video that tells the beautiful story in a way that words on a page simply can't do.