People's interest in Princess Diana never seems to diminish and even today people are always looking for new facts about the extremely popular woman.

This time around, it was journalists from various media outlets who spotted a strange detail on all the photos of Diana and Prince Charles together. The woman always seems to be smaller than the man in all the pictures. Yet the two people were the same size standing at 1m78. Why does the couple never appear to be the same size on the pictures?

The journalists tried to answer the question because the royal family refused to do so and some came to a bold conclusion.

According to them, Princess Diana is always smaller than Prince Charles on the photos since she demonstrates her modesty while the man demonstrates his superiority by always showing as taller in the pictures.

On the other hand, this theory has yes to have been confirmed, but it still makes a lot of sense. See some photos of the couple in the pictures below:

Source: Parfait